Accounting & Bookkeeping

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  • We help our clients to focus on their core business by providing them with reliable, fast and accurate bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing services in a cost effective way through very highly qualified accountants..



Our Goal is to provide our clients with relevant and accurate financial information that help them in the decision making process.

It has been evidently proven that focusing on core competencies give an enterprise the resources to survive successfully in the long run, and dabbling in non-core but necessary activities eats into the profit and productivity of the firm. Managing accounts and finances on a daily basis is one such non-core but important task that requires trained resources and latest accounting software and tools. Therefore, outsourcing accounting services to a specialized company for which it is a core-process makes sense. This step will not only minimize accounting cost and time, but will also spare your in-house staff from the clutter of maintaining tedious accounting details and allow them more time to work on business critical tasks.

Upon outsourcing accounting services to a professional company like Fathalla & Co. ( Accountants and Consultants ), every aspect of the accounting process, from primary bookkeeping to statutory compliance functions, to controller services, will be handled by dedicated professionals.