Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keeping records of your business financial details is crucial for any business entity. It is the process that gives insight to business owners about their financial position and how to take effective decisions to rule out costly fees and assess your business profitability. Our professional accountants and bookkeepers have practical knowledge of all accounting policies and procedures and can ensure you peace of mind so that you can spare more time for your business growth. It is time to consider delegating your financials to us and enjoy a long list of our accounting and bookkeeping services that cover multiple fields:

  • Maintaining all books of accounts.
  • Reviewing all bank accounts and reconciling financial statements. 
  • Preparing tax plans and audits.
  • Reviewing regulatory compliance.
  • Preparing balance sheets, income, profit and loss statements. 
  • Keeping records of accounts receivable and accounts payable. 
  • Preparing payroll and employment taxes. 
  • Keeping track of your variable and fixed expenses.
  • Preparing journal entries, general ledger and general journal. 
  • Preparing annual financial statements based on reviewing all related books.  
  • Adjusting all accounts to comply with IFRS, GAAP, the Egyptian Accounting Standards (EAS) and other regulations. 
  • Providing advice on all accounting matters.
  • Providing all information needed by external auditors and assisting them to finalize their audit.