Tax Services

We do our best to simplify all your tax issues ranging from sales tax, income tax, corporate tax, to payroll tax, property tax, and more. Owing to our own substantial experience, we developed our tactful strategies to reduce your tax liabilities and take advantage of all deductions so that you can have the best opportunity to grow your business. 

In taxation, any mistake can cost tons of money. That is why our experts are constantly staying current with the latest tax law changes to spare you any unnecessary expenses while ensuring your full compliance with government regulations. 

The process of filing taxes is somehow complex and requires lots of time. We assist you in this endeavor by fully representing you in all tax matters and finalizing all your regulatory requirements. 

It takes strategic planning and expert knowledge to go forward with your business, and that is the cornerstone of our company. We believe in combining knowledge and efficiency to come up with the best business advice for our clients based on close examination of their unique situations. 

Over the years, Fathalla and Co. team has built a good reputation among distinguished firms through successfully negotiating with tax agencies and taking decisions that helped flourish our clients’ businesses.    

Thanks to our expertise, we pride ourselves on being involved in preparing tax agreements concerning corporate income tax and sales tax in the Chamber of Commerce which regulates the relationship between the tax department and traders.

Dealing with tax obligations can be a heavy burden on business firms, organizations, and individuals and that is where we fill in the gaps! 

Corporate Income Tax

Our main focus is to maximize your tax savings as much as possible. In this regard, we are ready to support you on the following aspects:

  • Preparing files for inspection by the tax authority. 
  • Providing consultation on all tax obligations and issues.
  • Requesting tax-filing extension when needed
  • Calculating corporation tax due
  • Giving advice on withholding payments and advance withholding tax. 
  • Preparing and submitting corporate tax returns to the EgyptianTax Authority. 

Value Added Tax (VAT)

To eliminate costly errors, our expert advisors are keen to stay abreast of the latest value-added tax changes along with tax laws and regulations. To make sure your business is performing as it should, we cover the following roles:

– Ensuring that the company is fully compliant with VAT laws and regulations. 

– Providing legal contract review such as the contract the company signs with other parties.

– Representing clients at VAT inspection.

– Representing clients at court in case of any dispute with the sales tax authority.

– Checking VAT refund for exporters.

– Guiding and preparing monthly VAT returns.

– Submitting monthly VAT returns.

Withholding Tax

We take great measures in delivering top-notch tax compliance services through pro-actively identifying and resolving withholding tax challenges. 

Our team provides you with the following:

  • Preparing and filing quarterly withholding tax returns to the Tax Authority. 
  • Reviewing and preparing books of accounts. 
  • Preparing withholding tax forms 41 based on the company’s data. 
  • Assisting companies in paying withholding due tax amounts. 
  • Assisting companies with submitting withholding tax forms 11 for the amounts paid to non-residents.

Payroll Tax

The payroll calculation process is one that requires meticulous planning and execution otherwise it would turn into a complete mess, and mess equals money lost. Our payroll tax advisors are loaded with boundless experience to get this job done for you which involves the following: 

– Preparing and reviewing monthly payroll calculations for all levels of employees.

– Preparing annual payroll tax reports and presenting them to the tax authority.

– Generating payslips for employees.

– Representing clients at labor tax inspection.

– Representing clients at court in case of any dispute. 

– Preparing and filing quarterly employment tax returns. 

– Preparing all necessary payroll reports. 

– Helping clients provide their employees with valuable benefits. 

Stamp Tax

Our expert team exerts its utmost effort to reduce your stamp tax liability as much as possible based on accurate advice and knowledge of the latest regulatory requirements. We ensure you uncomplicated acquisition of assets with minimum payable taxes. 

Our services include the following:

  • Calculating stamp duty amounts.
  • Determining your eligibility for exemptions.
  • Reviewing contracts signed between parties especially advertising contracts. 
  • Determining stamp duty obligations of assets transfer.  

Dividend Tax

Calculating dividend tax credit is one of the main services of our accounting team at Fathalla and Co. They are highly qualified and can provide you with accurate advice on taxes paid on dividends based on the latest regulatory requirements. 

In this regard, our team follows this rule: 

If shareholders of a company own more than 25% of the company, then taxes on dividends are 5%. If they own less than 25%, then the dividend tax is 10%. If the company does not distribute dividends to its shareholders, then there is no tax.  

Tax Return for US Citizens

As a US expat living in Egypt, we aim that you enjoy your residence experience to the full by assisting you to reduce your tax burden as much as we can. 

Our services include the following:

  • Assigning a personal tax preparer to handle all your tax procedures.
  • Checking your eligibility for federal tax returns according to the minimum filing requirements.
  • Verifying your tax compliance status on time to avoid any penalties.
  • Advising and consulting on all tax matters. 
  • Advising on possible tax deductions.
  • Explaining IRS letters and notices and resolving late filing issues.
  • Amending and correcting tax returns errors. 
  • Reporting personal financial assets outside the USA to the IRS on form 8938.
  • Advising on latest FACTA rules and statements. 
  • Preparing and filing tax return form 5471 for US shareholders and directors of foreign corporations.  

Property Tax

Our diligent consultants work upon property tax compliance processs and plans that are entirely customized to our clients. 

Our services cover the following:

  • Preparing property tax returns according to Property Tax Law. 
  • Advising on exemptions related to property.  
  • Calculating and reviewing property taxable values.
  • Managing tax bills.

General Tax Advisory Services

Tax compliance processes require a lot of time and effort in order to be executed efficiently, and by efficiently we mean reducing tax liabilities and increasing savings. Our multi-disciplined consultants own the know-how to all tax matters and issues and can provide a wide variety of tax services to help meet our clients’ needs. 

We provide you with the following: 

  • Responding to all clients’ queries received through face-to-face meetings or via written correspondence. 
  • Provide proven tax planning strategies.
  • Tax appeal representation in case of disputes. 
  • Corresponding with The Tax authority on behalf of the client for resolving tax issues. 
  • Updating the client with the latest changes in laws and regulations that are crucial to their business. 

Self Employment Tax

Our expert accountants self-employment tax returns preparations cover the following aspects: 

  • Managing self-employment and non-profit revenues.
  • Reviewing tax exemptions according to article 31 of Act No.91 of 2005.
  • Reviewing and reporting expenses.