Zakat Services

Fathalla & Co. is pioneering the development of Zakat accounting service in Egypt. Our expert accountants are fully qualified with all Zakat systems calculations and can assist you in paying your Zakat on time. They spend enough time to collect all the data about your assets until they determine the amount of your payable Zakat, which is 2.5 % of your total savings, and the date on which you should pay Zakat every lunar year. 

Your payable Zakat or Zakat Al-Mal also includes the following:

  • Zakat on Money, Stocks and shares, Gold, Silver, and Jewels
  • Zakat on Crops.
  • Zakat on Livestock
  • Zakat on Estate
  • Zakat on minerals and Treasures 
  • Zakat on Trading Offers. 

For firms, we can structure all financial transactions and accounts to be in line with Zakat regulations to ensure easy calculation and payment.