Auditing and Assurance

An evaluation of a company’s financial record is a very complex and time-consuming process that requires high levels of accuracy and diligence. Our deep experience as a leading CPA company in Egypt lends us the knowledge and the ability to provide customized audit & assurance and accounting advisory services to our clients. 

Our seasoned external auditors are well trained to verify your accounting entries and make sure they comply with the laws and principles. They help you uncover any traces of misuse or fraudulence to avoid harsh penalties. Through closely monitoring and understanding your business situation, our chartered accountants are able to provide a thorough audit plan designed to help you meet high financial standards. 

As part of the assurance process, we help assessing and analysing all the financial documents of our clients such as loans, transactions, and contracts. The assessment process ensures that the information is valid and after digesting all these data, we craft new methods and provide guidance to improve key points and avoid possible errors.  

Our services include :

  • Reviewing the preparation of Journal Entries, General Ledger, and General Journal and all related books needed to prepare the financial statements. 
  • Reviewing all bank accounts and performing related reconciliations. 
  • Providing a complete audit review, including planning and risk assessment.
  • Preparing management letter points involving all audit findings.
  • Reviewing compliance with latest tax laws and regulatory requirements. 
  • Identifying and pointing out weakness points in internal control procedures.
  • Recommending more effective and efficient guidelines to improve our clients’ financial position.