With its numerous communications and partners in Egypt, Fathalla can help you enter the market in this exciting market

We are happy to help you with your business expansion as well as with the development or expansion of your business relations in Egypt.


Data & Info

Fathalla believes that data is the key to any business and leads to quick success.

 Fatahalla provides you with basic local business information and a complete database to help you communicate with companies in Egypt.

 We would also be pleased to take over the communication with the company or accompany you in contacting the local company.


 We select and contact your potential business partners for you based on the profile you are looking for. We conduct a mailing to all potential business partners.


 A database of interested companies will then be sent to you by us.

 Continue We arrange appointments with potential local business partners and accompany you to the local company discussions.

Business partner mediation

 According to your specifications, we establish contact with the companies that adapt to your requirements.

 We will find the potential interested companies according to the target group definition and contact you in writing or by phone and in person.

 The information provided by the companies is checked and confirmed, and the companies are selected on the basis of the criteria specified above.

 The selected companies are personally visited by us.

We provide information about contact person, area of ​​activity, number of employees, turnover.

 In a final report, in addition to the company profiles of your potential partners, you will continue to receive information about the results of the discussions held with the companies. credit checks

 We provide you with an overview of the structure of the company and give you a deeper insight into the financial situation of the company.

 On the basis of your questions regarding your product or service, we will make an analysis of the market potential of your product / service in the Egyptian market.

market survey

 We create detailed and customized market surveys for you. With their help, it is possible for you to determine the optimal strategy for entering the market in Egypt.

 Our Market Surveys Provides you with background economic information, market development and volume information, market trends, import and export development statistics, and existing sales and distribution channels from producer to end user.