fathalla & Company - specialist in creating company in egypt - tax services


  • Income tax (corporate tax).
  • Self employed tax.
  • Sales tax. (VAT)
  • Property tax.
  • Labor tax (payroll tax)
  • Stamp tax.
  • Withholding tax
  • Dividend tax


We have a very strong reputation as one of the most well known tax consulting firms, owing to our consistent provision of high level tax services.

Our local expertise and unparalleled experience makes us the best placed to advise you on the local tax issues you face and the alternatives you can consider.

Our team has developed a strong relationship with tax agencies, putting it in a unique position to negotiate and to achieve the best possible settlements of sales tax, income tax or corporate tax.

We work with our client ongoing basic to identify and maximize to saving opportunity minimizing Tax visibility in compliance with the appliance laws and regulations.

Owing to our recognized expertise, we have been involved in preparing the tax agreements concerning income tax & sales tax in the Chamber of Commerce that regulate the relation between the tax department & traders.


Our Services include

Reviewing self employed revenues and non commercial revenues.

Reviewing all expenses needed for the activity.

Reviewing all tax exemptions according to article 31 in the 2005 law 91.


Our Services include

Making sure that the company is in line with all sales tax laws and regulations and also advising the client on the corrections necessary.

Reviewing all forms of contracts that the company signs with other parties and ensuring that they are in line with laws and regulations.

Attending sales tax inspection.

Representing the client in front of all courts if there is any dispute with the sales tax authority.

Refunding sales tax in case of exporting.

Helping and giving advice concerning the preparation of the monthly tax return.

Submitting the monthly sales tax return.


Our Services include

Preparing the property tax return according to all laws and regulations.

Reviewing all exemptions related to property.


Our Services include

Preparing and reviewing monthly payrolls and calculating all taxes for all levels of employees.

Preparing annual adjustments of the payrolls and presenting them to the tax authority.

Helping the company to obtain possible advantages for their employees.

Attending labor tax inspection.

Representing the company in front of all courts.

Submitting the quarterly labor tax return.